Peacocks, Deer, and High Sierra Flowers in Coyote Flat

After last week’s trip to Chidago Canyon, we took a long day to visit another of our favorite places: Coyote Flat.

This time of year is perfect for Coyote. The flowers are as good as they’re going to be with the lack of water and the temperatures are just right.

Coyote sits on the high plateau just beyond the Bishop Basin. The panoramic views from the top are incredible. It’s also one of our favorite trips in the fall as the aspens along Coyote Creek turn yellow and orange later in the year.

The last trip brought sight we’ve never encountered up there. We saw a pair of peacocks hidden out alongside the creek, a long ways from the valley. We’re not sure how they got there but we hope they’re alright. They’ve got a beautiful spot to spend the summer, that’s for sure.

We also saw a few solitary deer, separate from a herd. You don’t see that often, but nothing was going to surprise us after we ran into those peacocks.

The flowers up there were just past their peak, but there is still a bit of color left near the water. Have a look below to see what I mean.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for having a look and sharing in our adventures. It’s been a great start to the summer and we’ll do our best to keep making it better.

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