How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Unit Running at Top Performance

Many places around the globe only have to deal with hot weather during the summer months. Singapore is a tropical area that has to deal with excess heat and humidity on a daily basis. This means that every home in the area must have an efficient air conditioning system.

If you have an air conditioning system that has not been properly maintained, it can end up costing you a lot of money. The system will not run efficiently and can even be dangerous to the home.

A poorly maintained or dirty filter can actually become a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens and other microbes. The air conditioning system can push these microbes into the home’s air and be inhaled by its inhabitants which can lead to asthma attacks, allergic reactions and other respiratory issues.

Each of these issues can be avoided when you understand the basics of air conditioning maintenance. The following tips will explain the most common issues surrounding an air conditioning unit and how you can not only fix the issues but prevent them from happening in the future. According to Aircon Servicing Singapore website,  doing these will save you money, keep your system running efficiently and prevent costly repairs.

Air Filter Maintenance

Each air conditioning unit comes with a specific filter that helps keep dust out of your system and out of your home. Over time, this dust and particles can clog up the filter and cause the air conditioning system to no longer be able to run at peak efficiency.images (2)

Filters should be removed every month and cleaned thoroughly. There are some filters that are of higher quality that does not get as dirty; however, even these should be cleaned each month.

When a filter becomes clogged, the unit will work harder, which consumes more energy and can cause the unit to break down over time. Rinse your filter with warm water and allow it to completely dry before reinstalling it into the air conditioning system. Do not try to help the filter dry quicker by wiping it down with a cloth as this could damage the surface of the filter.

Scheduling Routine Maintenance Work

Many homeowners neglect routine maintenance on their air conditioners, which is one of the main reasons that when repairs are needed, the costs are high. By ensuring all of the components are functioning correctly, you can keep your air conditioner functioning properly.

Clearing Debris

If dust and debris are allowed to accumulate within the air conditioner, it can clog up the unit and cause wear and tear on the components. Open your air conditioner up and look for dust bunnies inside the machine. Typically, dust bunnies will accumulate on the coils and pipes of your

By keeping your air conditioning in optimal running condition by doing regular cleaning and maintenance you can avoid many costly repairs. Keep in mind, that if your lawn has a lot of trees, it is essential to inspect the outside of the unit to ensure no leaves have clogged up the unit.

Singapore is one of the hottest and most humid areas in the world. In order to remain comfortable, residents must have an air conditioning system that functions properly. To ensure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency and can keep your home cool, you must perform routine AC maintenance on a monthly basis.

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