Explainer: Top Reasons To Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

Air conditioning units play a key role in purifying the air and getting rid of the excess humidity that is mostly found in the months of summer. To have the peace of mind that your home will remain cool and comfortable throughout the year, you should ensure that your A/C units gets inspected, cleaned and serviced periodically. If your unit is constantly in use or you live in an area with high levels of humidity, you should service it more often.

Unfortunately, many people tend to forget about their air conditioning units until they finally breakdown. This is because they fail to notice the warning signs that their unit requires maintenance. This article will discuss the top signs that often indicate that your unit requires maintenance. Further, it will also touch on the some of the benefits of calling in aircon cleaning service to clean the unit and carry out any necessary repairs.

Top Signs That Your A/C Unit Requires Maintenance
1. Funny noises emanating from the unit

Air conditioning units typically operate very quietly. If you can hear any grinding noises, loud cranking or funny sounds that you are not used to coming from your air conditioning unit, it means that there are components that are not functioning as they should.

2. The unit is producing an odor

A/C units should not produce any funny odors. If your unit is producing a pungent smell, it most likely means that the rubber insulation on one of the wires has been melted because of excess heat in the unit.

3. Your unit is not producing cool air

When the refrigerant in an A/C units starts leaking, your unit can start giving off warm air instead of cool air. A broken or damaged compressor unit can have the same effect. Should you notice this problem, turn off your unit until a trained technician repairs the damaged parts. If you continue using the unit in its damaged state you can end up causing irreparable damage.

4. The humidity levels in your property are not dropping

One of the main functions of an A/C unit is to get rid of the excess humidity in your residence. If you cannot feel any visible drop in humidity levels on turning on your unit, it means that some components within are not functioning as they should.

Benefits of Regularly Service Your A/C Unit

1. To avoid having to seek a replacement unit

Air conditioners do not come cheap. If your unit develops a problem and it is not addressed in time, it will balloon out of proportion. You can avoid purchasing an expensive replacement unit by simply getting your unit inspected, cleaned and fully serviced periodically.

2. To lower your utility bills

When you service your A/C unit regularly, it will be performing at peak efficiency meaning that there will be no power wastage.

3. To live a quality lifestyle

Most families spend a lot of their free time indoors. With a well serviced unit performing optimally, you and your loved ones will be able to spend quality time comfortably indoors regardless of the state of the weather outside.

4. To increase the lifespan of your unit

Without servicing, small problems with your A/C unit will compound and eventually lead to a total breakdown. When your unit is performing at it’s peak without any maintenance issues, it’s durability usually increases.

5. To protect the health of your loved ones

When the air filtration system in the A/C unit gets clogged by dirt and debris, you will get dirty air in your residence. Dirty air can lead to health complications such as asthma, never-ending colds and allergic reactions. All these health risks can be avoided if you get professionals to clean and service your air conditioning unit.

If you want to live a quality lifestyle, schedule regular air conditioning maintenance visits with your local A/C service professionals. To find out more about this, you can visit the Freezy Facebook page.

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